Cultural Enterprise Office (CEO) is Scotland’s only dedicated business support organisation for the Creative Industries. We understand the creative process and empathise with the joys and challenges of manifesting ideas into reality. Our support is accessible and we’re here to help at every step of your journey.

The programme is centred on individually mapped support for Perth & Kinross Creative and Artist entrepreneurs looking for create, scale and grow their creative business.

This is an open-ended support programme that takes a holistic approach to the individual and their business. Over the next year creatives based in and around Perth & Kinross will receive one-to-one coaching from a qualified Creative Business Coach. Their journey to creating, scaling or growing their business will include a unique toolkit of digital and live support through curated creative business resources, CEO’s Support Hub, sessions with Business Experts and mentoring sessions with Scotland’s leading creatives.

For Perth and Kinross CEO will provide regular Creative Advisors sessions and will be in Perth every month for general sessions with our advisor Sandy Thomson. If you want someone to talk to about a specific aspect of your creative practice or business get in touch to make an appointment with Sandy at


We will also be introducing creative business experts and mentors into the growing network of Creatives in Perth and Kinross. These might be introduced after a meeting with Sandy, through direct introduction if there is a specific query you or through the regular workshops that we will run throughout 2019. Our delivery for this project will be very much ‘on demand’ and flexible so when you need advice or support we can be here to help.

When you have finished working with us you will be better at meeting the challenges of a sustainable creative career or business. At costing and pricing your work, marketing your services, planning and business structure and finance and administration. You will have an understanding of growth and a better idea and control over the direction you want to take your business in. CEO really looks forward to making Perth and Kinross into an even more creative and successful region.

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