Waste Not, Want Not

Creative Pipeline Upcycling

Over the course of four sessions, three creative young people were given the opportunity to learn and create under the wonderful guidance of Ruth Morris, whose business Roobedo focuses on upcycling and repurposing textiles and materials, in order to create new and unique pieces of clothing and accessories.

The materials that were available were of a mixed variety and provided the opportunity to work with somewhat unconventional fabrics. Old Perth Museum advertising banners, coffee sacks from a The Bean Shop, located across the road from the museum, plus general scraps of fabric that had been hoarded overtime – each piece gave a different texture, a new idea, or a unique design to the products that were made.

“It was fun to be able to use skills not used in a while and to use pieces of previous works to create something new, giving old artwork a new purpose.”


Through Creative Pipeline, this workshop was a creative and innovative sanctuary, giving each participant uninterrupted focus on working on whichever sewing projects they liked – whether that was mastering how to make an upcycled wash bag, creating a one-of-a-kind handbag, or being inspired to produce a line of zero-waste kitchenware accessories.

A wide-range of ideas were discussed, and Ruth provided all the tools and methods on how to support these, as well as guide us through how to produce simple yet effective products that we could sell if desired.

“It was a space to create things with other people in the same boat. It helped me develop a range of products to actually sell!”


The workshop made it possible for all of us to create finished, tangible objects, which gives any person taking on a creative endeavour a real sense of accomplishment. It also allowed us time to talk in a welcoming, comfortable environment over multiple current issues; veganism, activism, mental health and of course, waste and recycling.

“Each day threw up interesting discussions on how we can be more conscious about what we are using and try to make a small difference in our daily habits to reduce waste, especially of single-use plastic.”

Ruth Morris
Three people sewing on sewing machines

Being part of a social environment is incredibly beneficial for those who work or want to work in the creative industry, as many roles within it can be very isolating, so having the opportunity to work alongside other young creative people was greatly appreciated and enjoyable. Creative Pipeline is not just about the skills and workshops that are organised – but also the unmeasurable benefits to each participant; the social and emotional support from both peers and leaders of the projects.

Creative Pipeline are continuing along this path for the participants by arranging courses in Social Enterprises, Adobe Software, and much more. From a sewing and making standpoint, Creative Pipeline will be attending a Design Fair on 22nd June, setting up their own stall of products made from recycled materials.


Lauren Evans
Writer & artist based near Perth

Ruth Morris

Helen O’Brien
Creative Pipeline Project Officer